Friday, October 14, 2011


Because I really like these writing memes but so frequently forget to write them the night before, I've started playing a new game with myself. By the time I have a chance to think about it on the day it's "due", I check the linky. If there are fewer than 50 links added, then I have to run and write something fast. If there are more than 50, I'm off the hook.

It's been kind of a fun exercise and I've written a few things that surprised me. It's usually not edited (much) and not particularly well thought out, but it's getting words down and thinking in a new way. And I love it.

This week's topic is tattoos. Why is it important? What does it mean?  The word limit is 300 and this one is 264.

Con crit is always welcome!

Amber walked past the shop three or four times before sucking in a deep breath and the courage to step inside.

A bell jingled on the door overhead and she stood in a tiny waiting room. A fluorescent light flickered, casting an eerie glow on the walls and making her feel dizzy. Or maybe that was nerves.

“Hello?” she called. The only sound was a faint buzzing from down the hall, which stopped at her voice.

A man appeared, younger than she expected, and cleaner. His hair was short and he had recently shaved, and his clothes were neat, almost professional. When he asked, “Can I help you?” there was a lilt to his voice and she thought he was probably a decent tenor.

She breathed easier now and pulled a folded page from her pocket. “I’m here for a tattoo. Can you do this?”

He answered yes and then studied the design. “I’m finishing up with someone now. You wanna come back in about 30 minutes?”

“I’ll wait,” she said and sat on the lone plastic chair beside a table covered in design books.

Amber had never considered herself the type to get a tattoo. Had tried to talk Trista out of both of hers, and the next one she was planning. But Trista was gone now. Lost in a night of stupidity and alcohol. When Amber found the design among some of Trista’s things, a swirly pattern of shapes and letters, she kept it. And now she was here, honoring her best friend in the only way she knew how.

“Ready?” The man reappeared.

Amber nodded. “I am now.”


Kalamapele said...

Interesting take on why someone might get a tattoo. Well Done!

The M half of the M -n- J Show said...

Well done. My cousin's son died a few years ago and they found a doodle he'd done. The immediate family all went and got tattoos of that doodle. It was a very beautiful thing to watch.

Karen said...

I liked the twist at the end and the meaning behind the tattoo. :>

Amy L. said...

Goes to show that tattoos can be very meaningful... People shouldn't automatically judge.

CDG said...

What a lovely tribute to a fallen friend.

But what I love best is the study in unexpected things. The cheery bell and the eerie fluorescent light, the shaved head and the "almost professional" clothes...

Galit Breen said...

Oh sad, meaningful. I like how much you showed about her through her relationship to -and memorial tribute to- her friend.

Lance said...

how did I miss this last week?

I liked how you drew me into the twist. Very compelling.

cool tattoo idea